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IronPdf Namespace

IronPDF is a.NET library allowing the generation and manipulation of PDF files in C# and other .Net projects.
Public classAspxToPdf
Renders any .Net Web Page (ASPX) into a PDF Document. Simply add it to the Page_Load event.
Public classHtmlToPdf
IronPdf.HtmlToPdf allows any web page or Html 'snippet' to be turned into a PDF document.
Public classHttpLoginCredentials
Provides credentials for IronPdf to log-in to an intranet, extranet or website, impersonating a user. This allows a unique ability to render web-pages as PDFs even on secure intranets, extranets and websites.
Public classInstallation
Global installation and setup preferences for all instances of IronPDF
Public classLicense
Allows IronPdf license keys to be applied globally across an application.
Public classPdfDocument
A PDF Document
Public classPdfPrintOptions
PDF output options for IronPdf. Specifies options such as Paper-Size, DPI, Headers and Footers.
Public classPdfPrintOptionsPdfHeaderFooter
Defines PDF Header and Footer display options.
Public classUtil
Useful methods for working with HTML and PDF files.
Public enumerationAspxToPdfFileBehavior
Determines the web browser behavior towards a PDF document.
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfCssMediaType
Defines which style-sheet should be rendered. 'Print' or 'Screen'. This matches the CSS3 Media Queries standard.
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfPaperOrientation
Paper Orientation
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfPaperSize
Defines the target paper size the PDF will use of pagination. Relates to real-world paper-sizes.