PdfDocumentToJpegImages Method (String, IEnumerableInt32, Int32)

Renders the pages of the PDF as JPEG files and saves them to disk.

Specific image dimensions and page numbers may be given as optional parameters

FileNamePattern should normally contain an asterisk (*) character which will be substituted for the page numbers

Namespace:  IronPdf
Assembly:  IronPdf (in IronPdf.dll) Version: 2020.10.3
public string[] ToJpegImages(
	string FileNamePattern,
	IEnumerable<int> PageNumbers,
	int DPI = 72


Type: SystemString
A full or partial file path for the output files containing an asterisk. E.g. C:\images\pdf_page_*.jpg
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableInt32
A list of the specific page numbers to render as images.
DPI (Optional)
Type: SystemInt32
The desired resolution of the output Images.

Return Value

Type: String
An array of the file paths of the image files created.
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