IronPdf Namespace

Public classAspxToPdf
Renders any .Net Web Page (ASPX) into a PDF Document. Simply add it to the Page_Load event.

Not available in .Net Core because ASPX is superseded by the MVC model

Public classHtmlHeaderFooter
A Html Header or Footer which will be printed onto every page of the PDF. This can be used to override Header and Footer

When using HtmlHeaderFooter it is important to set HtmlFragment and Height

Merge meta-data into your html using any of these placeholder strings: {page} {total-pages} {url} {date} {time} {html-title} {pdf-title}

Public classHtmlStamp
Class HtmlStamp. Used With the StampHTML(HtmlStamp) methods to edit PDF documents by 'stamping' additional content into the foreground or background.
Public classHtmlToPdf
IronPdf.HtmlToPdf allows any web page or Html 'snippet' to be turned into a PDF document.
Public classHttpLoginCredentials
Provides credentials for IronPdf to log-in to an intranet, extranet or website, impersonating a user. This allows a unique ability to render web-pages as PDFs even on secure intranets, extranets and websites.
Public classImageToPdfConverter
The ImageToPdfConveter class can be used to create PDF documents from images. It accepts both image files and Image objects as input.

The ImageToPdf static methods create simple PDF documents containing each image as one page of the created PDF.

To rasterize PDF documents as images (the reverse operation), see ToBitmap(Int32) and RasterizeToImageFiles(String, ImageType, Int32)

Public classInstallation
Global installation and setup preferences for all instances of IronPDF
Public classLicense
Allows IronPdf license keys to be applied globally across an application.
Public classPdfBookMark
Represents a PDF bookmark as seen in the sidebar of PDF reader software to help user's navigate.
Public classPdfDocument
A PDF Document
Public classPdfDocumentPdfCustomMetadataProperties
Class that represents set of custom metadata properties
Public classPdfDocumentPdfMetaData
A class defining PDF file meta-data.

Allows File meta-data to be read and set including: Authors, File Dates, Keywords, Title and Subject

Implemented in MetaData.

Public classPdfDocumentPdfSecuritySettings
A class defining user security settings for a PDF document.

Allows the developer to control user access passwords, encryption, and also who may edit, print and copy content from the PDF document

Implemented in SecuritySettings.

Public classPdfDocumentPositionOptions
Options to position the watermark on the page
Public classPdfDocumentTextAnnotation
Defines a Sticky-Note style PDF annotation.
Public classPdfOutline
A editable collection of PDF navigational bookmark objects.
Public classPdfPage
Class that represents pdf page.
Public classPdfPagesCollection
Class for managing the collection of PdfPage elements.
Public classPdfPrintOptions
PDF output options for IronPdf. Specifies options such as Paper-Size, DPI, Headers and Footers.
Public classPdfSignature
A class that represents a PDF signing certificate (.PFX or .p12) format which can be used to digitally sign a PDF. This protecting it from alteration.

Not implemented in .Net Core

Public classSimpleHeaderFooter
Defines PDF Header and Footer display options.
Public classTempFolder
Provides operations over the temporary folder
Public classUtil
Useful methods for working with HTML and PDF files.
Public enumerationAspxToPdfFileBehavior
Determines the web browser behavior towards a PDF document.
Public enumerationHtmlStampStampLayer
Defines if a stamp should be placed behind or on-top of existing PDF contents.
Public enumerationImageType
An Image File Type Enumeration used to select image file formats when converting PDF documents to images. Also see: RasterizeToImageFiles(String, ImageType, Int32)
Public enumerationPageOrientation
Specifies the orientation of a page.
Public enumerationPdfDocumentPdfSecuritySettingsPdfEditSecurity
Enumeration defining levels of PDF user access rights to edit a PDF. Edit rights may also be limited by the User's PDF document client software.

See AllowUserEdits

Public enumerationPdfDocumentPdfSecuritySettingsPdfPrintSecrity
Enumeration defining levels of PDF user access rights to print a PDF.

See AllowUserPrinting

Public enumerationPdfDocumentTextAnnotationAnnotationIcon
Icons used to interact with (open/close) the annotation with the PDF page.
Public enumerationPdfDocumentWaterMarkLocation
Location for a simple watermark to be applied to a PDF page.
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfCssMediaType
Defines which style-sheet should be rendered. 'Print' or 'Screen'. This matches the CSS3 Media Queries standard.
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfPaperOrientation
Paper Orientation
Public enumerationPdfPrintOptionsPdfPaperSize
Defines the target paper size the PDF will use of pagination. Relates to real-world paper-sizes.
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