PdfDocument Properties

The PdfDocument type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBinaryData
Gets the binary data for the full PDF file as a byte array;
Public propertyBookMarks
An PdfOutline object allowing developers to add, edit and remove navigational bookmarks from PDF documents.
Public propertyForm
Gets an object returning any PDF editable form fields which can have their values both read and set programmatically.
Public propertyMetaData
MetaData information settings for the PDF.

Allows File meta-data to be read and set including: Authors, File Dates, Keywords, Title and Subject

Public propertyOwnerPassword
Sets the owner password and enables 128Bit encryption of PDF content. An owner password is one used to enable and disable all other security settings.

OwnerPassword must be set to a non empty string value for AllowUserCopyPasteContent, AllowUserAnnotations, AllowUserFormData, AllowUserPrinting and AllowUserEdits to be restricted.

Public propertyPageCount
Gets the number of pages in the PDF document.
Public propertyPages
Gets the list of pages in the pdf document.
Public propertyPassword
Sets a Password used to protect and encrypt the PDF File. Setting a password will cause IronPDF to automatically protect the PDF file content using strong 128 bit encryption. Setting the password to null will remove any existing password.
Public propertySecuritySettings
Advanced security settings for the PDF.

Allows the developer to control user access passwords, encryption, and also who may edit, print and copy content from the PDF document

Public propertyStream
Gets the binary data for the full PDF file as a Stream
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