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HttpLoginCredentials Class

Provides credentials for IronPdf to log-in to an intranet, extranet or website, impersonating a user. This allows a unique ability to render web-pages as PDFs even on secure intranets, extranets and websites.
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Namespace:  IronPdf
Assembly:  IronPdf (in IronPdf.dll) Version: (
public class HttpLoginCredentials

The HttpLoginCredentials type exposes the following members.

Public methodHttpLoginCredentials
Initializes a new instance of the HttpLoginCredentials class
Public propertyUserAgent
The Http User-Agent header which will be used to fetch any remote HTML.
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Public fieldCustomCookies
A Dictionary which allows custom cookies to be posted with every login request, and HTTP request made by RenderUriToHml methods.
Public fieldCustomHttpHeaders
A dictionary of custom HTTP headers to be sent with every HTTP Request
Public fieldCustomPostFiles
Optional, Advanced Usage: Specifies a collection files to summited on every PDF rendering request. Allows images and documents to be submitted to forms such that the output will be rendered as an PDF.

Note: The Key is the name of the post field, The value is the full file path.. UrlEncoding is not required.

Public fieldCustomPostVariables
Optional: Specifies a collection of HTTP 'POST' variables to submit on every PDF rendering request.

Note: The 'key' is the name of the post field, The 'value' is its value. UrlEncoding is not required.

Note: Not implemented in .Net Core.

Public fieldEnableCookies
Enables cookies to be stored and sent when using RenderUriToHml methods.
Public fieldLoginFormPostVariables
Optional: Specifies a collection of HTTP form variables to post/submit to LoginFormUrl.
Public fieldLoginFormUrl
Optional: Gives the URL to post website login-form authentication. Should be the absolute Url which the form's action attribute specifies.
Public fieldNetworkPassword
Optional: Password credential for Windows / Linux network security authentication.
Public fieldNetworkUsername
Optional: User-name credential for Windows / Linux network security authentication.
Public fieldProxy
e Specifies an Http proxy server. Use the pattern: http(s)://user-name:password@host:port/
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