Class License_Api


public final class License_Api extends Object
The type Text api.
  • Constructor Details

    • License_Api

      public License_Api()
  • Method Details

    • isValidLicensed

      public static Boolean isValidLicensed(String licenseKey)
      Determines whether a string license key is valid.

      See for trial, development and commercial deployment licensing options.

      licenseKey - IronPDF license key as a string
      True if the license key given is valid.
    • isLicensed

      public static Boolean isLicensed()
      Determines whether this instance of IronPDF is Licensed.

      Will return false unless a License.setLicenseKey(String) is set to a valid trial or full license key in IronPdf.License.LicenseKey, Web.Config , App.Config or appsettings.json in .Net Core.

      See and

      True if the license key given is valid.
    • SetLicensed

      public static void SetLicensed(String licenseKey)