IronPDF v2021.12.4401

Version 2021.12.4401 Features & Upgrades


  • Adds improved support for Azure functions - see for more information
  • Adds support for Azure Function logging & other custom logging implementations
  • Fixes bug causing hanging when rendering multiple documents (20-30+) at once
  • Fixes bug causing hanging when document margin(s) exceed document size (margins will be defaulted to zero)
  • Fixes bug when initializing a pdf document from a Stream object
  • Fixes bug when converting centimeters to millimeters using SetCustomPaperSizeinCentimeters()
  • Fixes bug causing exception when calling RenderThisPageAsPdf() without specifying print options
  • Fixes bug resulting in an incorrect path when using Installation.CustomDeploymentDirectory
  • Fixes MacOS memory issues (previously already fixed on Windows and Linux)
  • Improves behavior when rendering for the first time in a persistent environment (e.g. first render on a web server)
  • Improves file size when converting between a pdf document and an image
  • Improves detection of pdf document form fields
  • Improves and streamlines logging and logging configuration
  • Improves and clarifies error messages
  • Updates to Chromium Embedded Framework v96.0.14