IronPDF v2021.12.4495

Version 2021.12.4495 Features & Upgrades


  • Fixes bug where headers and footers would not render properly when JavaScript was disabled
  • Fixes memory issue when using printing documents using GetPrintDocument()
  • Fixes bug where render options may not be applied properly when using HtmlToPdf class
  • Fixes bug where "subprocess not executable" exception may be thrown erroneously
  • Fixes bug where "registry is not supported on this platform" exception may be thrown erroneously
  • Improves deployment logic to ensure correct version of downloaded dependencies are used (relevant when using IronPdf.Slim NuGet package)
  • Updates default render timeout from 30s to 60s
  • Updates StampHTML() methods to allow users to specify render options for the html stamps

    - StampHtml tested successfully using:
   Parallel.For(0, 10000, (i) =><br>
        ChromePdfRenderer chrome = new ChromePdfRenderer();<br>
        chrome.RenderingOptions.Timeout = 600;<br>
        using var chrome_pdf = chrome.RenderHtmlAsPdf($"<h1>chrome Привет, мир !</h1>");<br>
        Editing.HtmlStamp stamp = new Editing.HtmlStamp("<div><div><p>stamp</p></div></div>");<br>
        ChromePdfRenderOptions stamp_opts = new ChromePdfRenderOptions();<br>
        stamp_opts.Timeout = 600;<br>
        var result = chrome_pdf.StampHTML(stamp, 0, stamp_opts);<br>
        if (i % 1000 == 0)<br>
Known Issues
  • Unable to read form fields with duplicate names