IronPDF v2022.4.5455

IronPdf v2022.4.5455

Major Update - New PDF DOM Release

Release Notes:

  • New PDF customization capabilities!
  • Improved speed and accuracy of PDF post-processing functions
  • Improves memory footprint of IronPDF
  • Improves support for a wider range of PDF document formats
  • Implements adding and removal of PDF attachments
  • Implements new framework which will facilitate drawing and text editing on PDF documents in the near future
  • Fixes various bugs regarding text extraction and post-processing of PDF documents
  • Fixes bug where changing user password, owner password, or permissions would remove bookmarks
  • Fixes bug where merging pdf documents would not preserve bookmarks
  • Fixes several other bugs regarding setting or retrieving bookmarks
  • Fixes bug where PDF page PrintHeight and PrintWidth were being calculated incorrectly
  • Fixes bug possibly causing crashes when generating images from a PDF document
  • Fixes bug where render delays were being incorrectly applied when generating headers and footers for a PDF document
  • Fixes memory leak when not using IDisposable pattern with the PdfDocument class
  • Improves thread-safety when modifying a PDF document
  • Improves error text when unable to open a PDF document
  • Updates pdf-to-image conversion to start with a page index of 1
Known Issues
  • Programmatically setting the value of multiple form fields with the same name does not properly apply the value to all fields