IronPDF v2022.4.5575

Version 2022.4.5575 Features & Upgrades.

Release Notes:

  • Full .NET 6 support
  • Fixes user cookies not being applied automatically when rendering a URL
  • Fixes intermittent GDI+ exception when converting a PDF document to images on Windows
  • Fixes bug causing intermittent hang during initialization and deployment on some systems
  • Fixes bug causing miscalculation for PDF document’s Width, Height, PrintWidth, and PrintHeight properties
  • Fixes bug causing HtmlFooter to sometimes add an additional 5 mm margin below the footer
  • Fixes bug where DPI parameter did not increase resolution of images generated from a PDF document
  • Fixes bug where header and footer CSS styles were not working
  • Fixes bug where bookmarks would disappear when setting PDF security settings
  • Fixes bug where AddPdfBackground caused an ArgumentNullException
  • Fixes bug where IronPDF can not run when publishing with some publish profiles
  • Fixes bug where DrawDividerLine does not work with HTML header and footer
  • Fixes bug where temp files are not cleaned up
  • Implements check for Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable when using IronPDF on Windows
  • Implements improved logic for rendering HTML headers and footers on a PDF document

Known Issues

  • AddPdfBackground currently adds foreground instead of background