IronPDF v2022.5.5629

Version 2022.5.5629 Features & Upgrades.

Release Notes:

  • Fixes a bug where PDF could not print without metadata
  • Fixes a bug where cookies were missing after a redirect
  • Fixes a bug where PDF to image converter applied maxWidth and maxHeight incorrectly
  • Fixes a bug where merging PDFs caused form fields to become un-editable
  • Fixes a bug where ComboBoxField name would contain Parentheses
  • Fixes a bug where FormField could not cast to another Field class
  • Fixes a bug where Form fields with . in their name could not be not detected
  • Fixes a bug causing a System.ApplicationException during the rendering of PDFs with custom cookies
  • Improves some documentation and error messages
  • Deprecated GenerateUniqueDocumentIdentifiers