IronPDF v2022.6.6115

Version 2022.6.6115 Features & Upgrades.

Release Notes:

  • Adds a new PDF Attachments API
  • Adds a new Text Replacement API
  • Fixes a bug causing hanging with multiple renders on a limited resource environment (Docker, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Fixes a bug where PageOrientation will return the incorrect value
  • Fixes a bug causing an error while inserting pages
  • Fixes a bug where the output of PDF to Image had an invalid ratio
  • Fixes a bug where duplicate form field was not set correctly
  • Fixes a bug where Header/Footer placeholders were not working
  • Fixes a memory leak issue when apply a HtmlHeaderFooter
  • Improves logic when queueing multiple renders after the user-specified browser limit has been reached
  • Improves deployment process
  • Improves some error messages
  • Updates to latest framework release version which includes fixes when manipulating existing PDF documents
  • Updates to latest Chrome release version which includes fixes and security updates when rendering HTML to PDF