IronPDF v2022.7.6986

Version 2022.7.6986 Features & Upgrades.

Release Notes:

  • Adds official support for NET 6.0 projects in Azure Functions
  • Implements annotation merging when merging PDF documents
  • Implements true automatic fitting of HTML content to a PDF page - see FitToPaperModes for more information
  • TextArea HTML elements should now include their value when generating a PDF document
  • Greatly improved performance when retrieving form field data or manipulating form fields
  • Adds several read-only properties for form fields
  • Fixes bug preventing setting form field values and manipulating form fields using their full name
  • Fixes several freezes and performance issues on MacOS
  • Fixes bugs when adding headers and footers to a Landscape-orientation document
  • Fixes bugs with HtmlStamp positioning
  • Fixes bug return empty filename using PdfToImage
  • Fixes bug ignoring image file type extension, defaulting to bitmap
  • Improves behavior when using multiple instances of IronPDF within an IIS application pool
  • Improves behavior and clarity when encountering rare errors such as connectivity errors or timeouts

  • Implemented the following read-only properties:
    • FormField.PageIndex
    • FormField.Width
    • FormField.Height
    • FormField.X
    • FormField.Y
    • FormField.Type

    Setting form field width, height, x, or y and reading form field font data are still being worked on.


    • MacOS support is greatly improved (issues on the second render resolved)
    • Removed FitToPaperWidth setting in favor of FitToPaperMode which has several modes - Automatic will measure the html content and fit it to the PDF page
    • Behavior in IIS environments / application pools (when several instances of IronPDF are running) has been improved. This may not completely fix issues with .NET Framework. is not a complete fix. Users may also try setting Installation.SkipShutdown = true; flag. We are very eager to hear feedback regarding this release / new setting.

    Known Issues

    • Getting/setting more than 9 attachments bug
    • Mac M1 not yet supported