IronPDF v2022.8.7894

Version 2022.8.7894 Features & Upgrades


Release Notes

  • Adds support for Apple Silicon devices (MacOs on ARM processor)
  • Adds support for Ubuntu 22 
  • Adds IronPdf.Installation.ChromeBrowserCachePath 
  • Adds PdfDocument.DrawBitmap() for drawing images to a PDF document 
  • Reduces additional file size of PDF documents due to watermark for users without an IronPdf license
  • Bug fix: single-page applications and AJAX websites sometimes rendering incorrectly
  • Bug fix: "error while renaming form field" when merging PDF documents 
  • Bug fix: load TIFF files sometimes throwing an exception 
  • Bug fix: some attachments that were being corrupted 
  • Bug fix: ImageToPdf not working with an image file name that contained a space
  • Bug fix: some FitToPaperModes that were not working correctly 
  • Bug fix: some PDF files that could not be opened
  • Merging PDF documents now properly merges all form fields and their properties, including nested form fields
  • Improves support for .NET 6.0 in certain environments
  • Improves HtmlStamp and Watermark positioning