IronPDF v2022.8.8138

Version 2022.8.8138 Features & Upgrades


Release Notes

  • Adds: Compression for PDF documents - See PdfDocument.CompressImages() for more information
  • Adds: Parameter for specifying rendering options when using ImageToPdfConverter
  • Adds: PdfPage.PageRotation (PDF page rotation is 0, 90, 180, or 270)
  • Removes: PdfPage.PageOrientation
  • Fixes: Rendering of link elements whose href attribute specifies parameters (via '?')
  • Fixes: Application of document CSS to headers and footers when using the LoadStylesAndCSSFromMainHtmlDocument option
  • Fixes: Bug regarding setting and retrieval of form field flags when using nested form fields
  • Updates to latest PDFium with various security fixes and performance improvements