Class Setting_Api

  • public final class Setting_Api
    extends Object
    The type Setting api.
    • Field Detail

      • subProcessPort

        public static int subProcessPort
        The constant subProcessPort.
      • licenseKey

        public static String licenseKey
        The constant licenseKey.
      • enableDebug

        public static boolean enableDebug
        The constant enableDebug.
      • logPath

        public static Path logPath
        Path to IronPdfEngine log.
      • ironPdfEngineFolder

        public static Path ironPdfEngineFolder
        Path to IronPdfEngine folder, default is current {currentDirectory}/IronPdfEngine.{revision}.{osName}.{osArch}/ . If IronPdfEngine binary does not exist, it will download automatically to this folder.
      • ironPdfEngineDefaultFolder

        public static final Path ironPdfEngineDefaultFolder
        The constant defaultPathToIronPdfEngineFolder.
      • subProcessHost

        public static String subProcessHost
        The constant subProcessHost.

        public static final String IRON_PDF_ENGINE_VERSION
        The constant IRON_PDF_ENGINE_VERSION.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • Setting_Api

        public Setting_Api()
    • Method Detail

      • findFreePort

        public static int findFreePort()
        Find free port int.
        the int
      • getAvailableIronPdfEngineFile

        public static Optional<File> getAvailableIronPdfEngineFile()
        Gets available iron pdf engine file.
        the available iron pdf engine file
      • getIronPdfEngineExecutablePath

        public static Path getIronPdfEngineExecutablePath()
        Gets custom iron pdf engine path.
        the custom iron pdf engine path
      • getIronPdfEngineExecutableDefaultPath

        public static Path getIronPdfEngineExecutableDefaultPath()
        Gets default iron pdf engine path.
        the default iron pdf engine path