Class IronPdfNativeException

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    public final class IronPdfNativeException
    extends Exception_RemoteException
    Represents errors that occur from native code within IronPDF.

    If reporting such issues please attach any .log files from the directory where your application is running..

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    • Constructor Detail

      • IronPdfNativeException

        public IronPdfNativeException​(String message,
                                      String stackTrace,
                                      String exceptionType)
        Initializes a new instance of the IronPdfNativeException class with a specified error message.
        message - The message that describes the error.
        stackTrace - the stack trace
        exceptionType - the exception type
      • IronPdfNativeException

        public IronPdfNativeException​(Exception_RemoteException ex)
        Instantiates a new Iron pdf native exception.
        ex - the ex