Class ComboBoxField

  • public class ComboBoxField
    extends FormField
    The type Combo box field.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ComboBoxField

        public ComboBoxField​(int annotationIndex,
                             String name,
                             int pageIndex,
                             double x,
                             double y,
                             double width,
                             double height,
                             String value,
                             List<String> options,
                             int selectedIndex,
                             boolean readOnly)
        (INTERNAL) Please Get ComboBoxField from FormFieldsSet.getComboBoxFields() from FormManager.getFields()
        annotationIndex - the annotation index
        name - the name
        pageIndex - the page index
        x - the x
        y - the y
        width - the width
        height - the height
        value - the value
        options - the options
        selectedIndex - the selected index
        readOnly - the read only
    • Method Detail

      • getOptions

        public final List<String> getOptions()
        Gets options. The available options for the combo-box in zero based index order.
        the option names as strings.
      • getSelectedIndex

        public final int getSelectedIndex()
        Gets The index of the selected option.
        the index of the selected. 0 based.