How to Apply an IronPDF License Key in Node.js Projects

IronPDF allows developers to create, edit, and format PDF documents for free. However, IronPDF will brand all resulting PDFs with tiled watermark backgrounds.

To remove our company's watermark branding from your PDFs and to make full use of IronPDF in production, buy a suitable license key from us, and then set it in your Node.js project using the IronPdfGlobalconfig.getConfig().licenseKey property setting.

Get Your License Key

To begin, purchase an IronPDF license key that fits your project requirements. Pricing starts at $749, which includes one year of support and updates.

You can also sign up a free license key. This license key is valid for 30-days and allows you to try out all of IronPDF's features for free in production -- also without watermarks!

Apply Your License Key

Once you have installed IronPDF, configure IronPDF to use your license key by setting the licenseKey property of its global configuration object. The code below shows you how to do this:

import {IronPdfGlobalconfig} from "@ironsoftware/ironpdf";

// Apply your IronPDF license key
IronPdfGlobalconfig.getConfig().licenseKey = "{YOUR-LICENSE-KEY-HERE}";

Questions or Need Support?

If you need additional support or have any inquiries, our team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to ask our team.