What is .NET Framework 3.5 (PDF,Excel,Qr,Barcode,OCR)

Updated April 18, 2023


The .NET Framework has been a cornerstone of software development for years, providing developers with a powerful and versatile platform for building applications. One such application is IronPDF, a robust PDF generation library that is compatible with both legacy .NET Frameworks like .NET 3.5 and the latest .NET technology, .NET 7. In this article, we will delve into the compatibility of programs using IronPDF with these diverse frameworks and introduce two other powerful libraries, IronXL and IronOCR.

.NET 3.5, released in 2007, is a version of the .NET Framework that introduced a range of new features and improvements. It included enhancements like Language Integrated Query (LINQ), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), which expanded the capabilities of .NET applications. Although .NET 3.5 is a legacy framework, many applications still rely on it, necessitating support for libraries like IronPDF.

IronPDF: A Powerful PDF Generation Library

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IronPDF is a comprehensive library for generating, editing and extracting data from PDF files in .NET applications. With an intuitive API, developers can effortlessly create new PDF documents, manipulate existing ones, add images and text, and extract data for further processing. IronPDF is designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of .NET Frameworks, including both legacy and the latest .NET technologies.

Compatibility with Legacy .NET Framework 3.5

Despite its age, .NET 3.5 remains a vital framework for many developers. IronPDF recognizes the importance of supporting legacy .NET applications and ensures compatibility with the .NET 3.5 Framework. This compatibility allows developers to integrate and install IronPDF into their existing .NET 3.5 applications without the need for major code changes or upgrades.

Embracing the Latest .NET Technology: .NET 7 Compatibility

As the .NET ecosystem evolves, so does IronPDF. With the release of .NET 7, the library has been updated to ensure compatibility with the latest .NET technology. By leveraging the new features and performance improvements of .NET 7, IronPDF can offer developers enhanced performance, scalability, and security for their PDF generation and manipulation tasks.


Introducing IronXL and IronOCR: Seamless Integration with .NET Technologies

IronXL is a powerful Excel library for .NET applications that allows developers to read excel, write, and manipulate Excel files with ease. IronOCR is an advanced OCR library for .NET developers that enables extracting text from images and PDF files. Both libraries are designed to work seamlessly with a wide range of .NET frameworks, including .NET 3.5 and .NET 7, ensuring maximum compatibility and flexibility for developers.


IronPDF is a robust PDF generation library that is compatible with both legacy .NET Frameworks like .NET 3.5 and the latest .NET technology, .NET 7. By providing support for a diverse range of .NET applications, IronPDF allows developers to leverage its powerful features across different frameworks. Additionally, IronXL and IronOCR offer seamless integration with .NET technologies, further expanding the capabilities of .NET applications. With these tools at their disposal, developers can build feature-rich, efficient, and secure applications with ease. Whether it's generating reports, invoices, or receipts, or extracting data from PDF files, IronPDF, IronXL, and IronOCR can provide the necessary tools to accomplish these tasks. The flexibility and compatibility of these libraries make them indispensable for any .NET developer looking to enhance the functionality and capabilities of their applications.

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