ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial)

Updated August 29, 2023

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, a large language model-based chatbot created by OpenAI and released on November 30, 2022, is notable for enabling users to shape and lead a dialogue towards a desired duration, structure, style, level of detail, and language spoken. Every discussion point takes into account a context that considers prior prompts and responses, or "prompt engineering" using OpenAI API key.

The foundation of ChatGPT is made up of two transformer models, GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, which are part of OpenAI's exclusive generative pre-trained transformer series. These models are then optimized for conversational applications by combining supervised and reinforcement learning methods. Originally published as a free research preview, ChatGPT AI language model is now offered on a freemium basis by OpenAI due to its popularity. While the more sophisticated GPT-4 based version and priority access to updated features are made available to paid customers under the brand name "ChatGPT Plus," users on its free tier can only access the GPT-3.5-based version.

How to use ChatGPT and read PDF documents

Step 1

Go to chat.openai.com.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 1 - ChatGPT

Step 2

Click "Settings" after selecting the three dots at the bottom left.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 2 - Settings

Step 3

Enable "Web browsing" and "Plugins" by clicking on "Beta Features."

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 3 - Beta Features

Step 4

Close the pop-up, hover over GPT-4 or GPT-3.5 on the top bar, then select "Plugins" and launch the plugin store. Install the plugin of your choice. The ChatGPT does not have an option to show PDF files directly. So it allows us to convert the files into text to perform operations. Here are further specifics on ChatGPT read PDFs. ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 4 - Plugins

Step 5

Find and install the "AskYourPDF" plugin for uploading PDF to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 5 - AskYourPDF

Step 6

Add the prompt "Upload a PDF" to ChatGPT and then click the link "Upload Document" to upload your PDF file. By doing so, a new tab will open up where you can add a local PDF file.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 6 - Upload File

Please copy the Document ID after uploading the document from the popup.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 7 - Document ID

Step 7

Now go back to the ChatGPT site and include the ChatGPT chat window along with your document ID. Please state the topic of this document. Document Identification: XXX

Then provide additional queries that may be raised inside the document.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 8 - ChatGPT Chat Window

What is IronPDF?

IronPDF was developed to make it simpler to create, browse, and edit PDF files in modern browsers. It includes a robust API for producing, editing, and altering PDF files, in addition to serving as a powerful PDF converter. Only a few of the web extensions that might work well with the IronPDF .NET package include Xamarin, Blazor, Unity, HoloLens applications, Windows Forms, HTML, ASPX, Razor, HTML, .NET Core, ASP, and WPF.

IronPDF makes use of the Chrome engine to convert HTML to PDF. It supports both conventional Windows programs and online ASP.NET apps using Microsoft.NET and .NET Core. It enables the production of visually appealing PDFs that include footers and titles, support HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and images.

By using the IronPDF library, developers may read and edit PDF files without using Acrobat Reader. Additionally, they can add text and graphics, bookmarks, watermarks, headers, and footers as well as split and transfer text properties, merge pages, and extract images from new or existing PDF documents.

Additionally, PDF documents can be produced using CSS and CSS media files. IronPDF allows you to generate, upload, and edit both new office documents such as Microsoft Word and outdated PDF forms.

Features of IronPDF

  • IronPDF can create PDF files from a variety of sources, including HTML, HTML5, ASPX, text file, and Razor/MVC View. It has the capacity to convert images and HTML pages into PDF files.
  • The tools in the IronPDF library can be used for a wide range of tasks, including creating interactive PDFs, finishing and submitting interactive forms, merging and dividing PDF files, extracting text and images, searching text within PDF files, rasterizing PDFs to images, changing font size, and converting PDF files.
  • By supporting user-agents, proxies, cookies, HTTP headers, and form variables, IronPDF provides HTML login form validation.
  • Access to guarded documents is made possible by IronPDF using usernames and passwords.
  • Text can be extracted from PDF files using the IronPDF application, which converts PDF pages into PDF objects. The example that follows demonstrates how to use IronPDF to read an existing PDF.

New Project in Visual Studio

In Visual Studio, select "New Project" from the File menu. In this article, we'll use a Console Application.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 9 - New Project

In the relevant text box, enter the Project name and file location.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 10 - Project Configuration

Next, select the necessary framework by clicking the Next button. Click the Create button after selecting the extra information. This will assist us in developing a new project.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 11 - Create Project

The required IronPDF library for the solution must then be downloaded. You can download the package by typing the following command into the Package Manager Console:

Install-Package IronPdf

The NuGet Package Manager can also be used to locate and download the "IronPDF" package. The NuGet Package Manager streamlines the process of managing dependencies in your project.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 12 - IronPDF


A sample of the code for the first technique, which includes extracting text from a PDF, is given below.

var pdfDocument = IronPdf.PdfDocument.FromFile("Demo.pdf");
string AllText = pdfDocument.ExtractAllText();
var pdfDocument = IronPdf.PdfDocument.FromFile("Demo.pdf");
string AllText = pdfDocument.ExtractAllText();
Dim pdfDocument = IronPdf.PdfDocument.FromFile("Demo.pdf")
Dim AllText As String = pdfDocument.ExtractAllText()
VB   C#

The source code above shows how to use the FromFile() function to load a PDF file from an existing file and turn it into PdfDocument objects. We can read the text and images that are included on the PDF pages with the help of this item. The ExtractAllText() function of the PdfDocument class object retrieves all the text from the whole PDF file and stores it in a processable string.

ChatGPT Read PDF (Beginner Tutorial): Figure 13 - PDF

Below is a code example for the second method—extracting text page by page—that we may use to extract text from a PDF file.

using IronPdf;

PdfDocument PDF = PdfDocument.FromFile("result.pdf");
for (var index = 0; index < PDF.PageCount; index++)
    int PageNumber = index + 1;
    string Text = PDF.ExtractTextFromPage(index);
using IronPdf;

PdfDocument PDF = PdfDocument.FromFile("result.pdf");
for (var index = 0; index < PDF.PageCount; index++)
    int PageNumber = index + 1;
    string Text = PDF.ExtractTextFromPage(index);
Imports IronPdf

Private PDF As PdfDocument = PdfDocument.FromFile("result.pdf")
For index = 0 To PDF.PageCount - 1
	Dim PageNumber As Integer = index + 1
	Dim Text As String = PDF.ExtractTextFromPage(index)
Next index
VB   C#

The source code shown above illustrates how the whole PDF file will be loaded before it is converted into a PDF object. The total number of pages in the loaded PDF document is then determined using an internal procedure called PageCount. This will return the total number of pages in the PDF file. The ExtractTextFromPage() method and the for loop can be used to extract text from the loaded document while handling the page variety as a parameter. The precise text will subsequently be stored in the string variable. In order to extract information from the PDF page by page, the "for" or "foreach" loop will also be utilized.

More information about reading PDF text is available in this Code Example.


We can process data from the invoice using a variety of PDF tools that are readily available on the market. PDF processing enables text translation of data from the provided PDF document. The ChatGPT natural language text tools enable us to convert the given PDF into text. Using third-party programs that incorporate ChatGPT with PDF processing APIs is an additional method of sharing a PDF with ChatGPT. The ChatGPT tools were expensive as well as requiring an active internet connection.

On the other hand, IronPDF supports a number of .NET projects, including a .NET Framework Standard 2, .NET Framework 4.5, and .NET Core 2, 3, and 5. Additionally, it works with more contemporary technologies like Xamarin, Azure, MAC, and Mono. Using IronPDF methods, we employ the IronPDF library to produce a PDF. Therefore, IronPDF is one of the best PDF processing tools. With support for a number of image formats, PDF files, and MultiFrame TIFF, IronPDF offers a seamless experience without the need for additional setups. By providing barcode identification capabilities, it goes beyond Optical Character Recognition and enables the extraction of data from images containing barcodes. A free trial of IronPDF's affordable development edition is available, and a lifetime license is provided with the purchase of the IronPDF bundle. The IronPDF bundle offers good value for your investment because it has a single pricing that covers several systems. For further details on the cost of IronPDF, kindly visit this website.

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