Enumeration PaperSize

Defines the target virtual paper size the PDF. Relates to real-world paper-sizes.

Enumeration Members

A2: 63

420mm x 594mm

A3: 11

297mm x 420mm

A3Extra: 60

322mm x 445mm

A3ExtraTransverse: 65

322mm x 445mm

A3Rotated: 69

420mm x 297mm

A3Transverse: 64

297mm x 420mm

A4: 2

210mm x 297mm

A4Extra: 50

236mm x 322mm

A4Plus: 57

210mm x 330mm

A4Rotated: 70

297mm x 210mm

A4Small: 12

210mm x 297mm

A4Transverse: 52

210mm x 297mm

A5: 13

148mm x 210mm

A5Extra: 61

174mm x 235mm

A5Rotated: 71

210mm x 148mm

A5Transverse: 58

148mm x 210mm

A6: 67

105mm x 148mm

A6Rotated: 76

148mm x 105mm

APlus: 54

227mm x 356mm

B4: 14

250mm x 353mm

B4Envelope: 32

250mm x 353mm

B4JisRotated: 72

364mm x 257mm

B5: 15

176mm x 250mm

B5Envelope: 33

176mm x 250mm

B5Extra: 62

201mm x 276mm

B5JisRotated: 73

257mm x 182mm

B5Transverse: 59

182mm x 257mm

B6Envelope: 34

176mm x 125mm

B6Jis: 77

128mm x 182mm

B6JisRotated: 78

182mm x 128mm

BPlus: 55

305mm x 487mm

C3Envelope: 28

324mm x 458mm

C4Envelope: 29

229mm x 324mm

C5Envelope: 27

162mm x 229mm

C65Envelope: 31

114mm x 229mm

C6Envelope: 30

114mm x 162mm

CSheet: 3

17in x 22in

DLEnvelope: 26

110mm x 220mm

DSheet: 4

22in x 34in

ESheet: 5

34in x 44in

Executive: 10

7.25in x 10.5in

Folio: 16

8.5in x 13in

GermanLegalFanfold: 40

8.5in x 13in

GermanStandardFanfold: 39

8.5in x 12in

InviteEnvelope: 46

220mm x 220mm

IsoB4: 41

250mm x 353mm

ItalyEnvelope: 35

110mm x 230mm

JapaneseDoublePostcard: 66

200mm x 148mm

JapaneseDoublePostcardRotated: 75

148mm x 200mm

JapanesePostcard: 42

100mm x 148mm

JapanesePostcardRotated: 74

148mm x 100mm

Ledger: 8

17in x 11in

Legal: 1

8.5in x 11in

LegalExtra: 48

9.275in x 15in

Letter: 0

8.5in x 11in

LetterExtra: 47

9.275in x 12in

LetterExtraTransverse: 53

9.275in x 12in

LetterPlus: 56

8.5in x 12.69in

LetterRotated: 68

11in x 8.5in

LetterSmall: 6

8.5in x 11in

LetterTransverse: 51

8.275in x 11in

MonarchEnvelope: 36

3.875in x 7.5in

Note: 20

8.5in x 11in

Number10Envelope: 22

4.125in x 9.5in

Number11Envelope: 23

4.5in x 10.375in

Number12Envelope: 24

4.75in x 11in

Number14Envelope: 25

5in x 11.5in

Number9Envelope: 21

3.875in x 8.875in

PersonalEnvelope: 37

3.625in x 6.5in

Prc16K: 80

146mm x 215mm

Prc16KRotated: 93

146mm x 215mm

Prc32K: 81

97mm x 151mm

Prc32KBig: 82

97mm x 151mm

Prc32KBigRotated: 95

97mm x 151mm

Prc32KRotated: 94

97mm x 151mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber1: 83

102mm x 165mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber10: 92

324mm x 458mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber10Rotated: 105

458mm x 324mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber1Rotated: 96

165mm x 102mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber2: 84

102mm x 176mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber2Rotated: 97

176mm x 102mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber3: 85

125mm x 176mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber3Rotated: 98

176mm x 125mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber4: 86

110mm x 208mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber4Rotated: 99

208mm x 110mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber5: 87

110mm x 220mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber5Rotated: 100

220mm x 110mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber6: 88

120mm x 230mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber6Rotated: 101

230mm x 120mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber7: 89

160mm x 230mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber7Rotated: 102

230mm x 160mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber8: 90

120mm x 309mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber8Rotated: 103

309mm x 120mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber9: 91

229mm x 324mm

PrcEnvelopeNumber9Rotated: 104

324mm x 229mm

Quarto: 17

215mm x 275mm

Standard10x11: 44

10in x 11in

Standard10x14: 18

10in x 14in

Standard11x17: 19

11in x 17in

Standard12x11: 79

12in x 11in

Standard15x11: 45

15in x 11in

Standard9x11: 43

9in x 11in

Statement: 9

5.5in x 8.5in

Tabloid: 7

11in x 17in

TabloidExtra: 49

11.69in x 18in

USStandardFanfold: 38

14.875in x 11in

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