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IronPDF - Create, Edit, and Read PDFs in Node.js Applications

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IronPDF is a library developed and maintained by Iron Software that helps Software Engineers to create, edit and extract PDF content.


IronPDF excels at:

  • Generating PDFs from: HTML, URL, JavaScript, CSS and many image formats
  • Adding headers/footers, and signatures
  • Merge, Split, Add, Copy, & Delete PDF Pages
  • Performance optimization: Full Multithreading and Async support

IronPDF has cross platform support compatibility with:

  • Node.js 12.0+
  • Windows, Linux, Mac, and Docker

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Using IronPDF

IronPDF for Node.js utilizes a powerful Chrome Engine to render PDFs from HTML strings, files, and web URLs. Since the rendering process can be computationally intensive, it is recommended to delegate this task to the server-side. Frontend frameworks like ReactJs and Angular can communicate with the server to offload the computational work and await the result, which can then be displayed on the frontend side.


Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf

IronPdf required IronPDF Engine binary, which will download automatically on the first run. Or you can install it as a npm package (Recommended) (Optional)

NOTE: IronPDF Engine and IronPDF version need to match.

For Windows x64

Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-windows-x64

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-windows-x64

For Windows x86

Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-windows-x86

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-windows-x86

For Linux x64

Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-linux-x64

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-linux-x64

For macOS x64

Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-macos-x64

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-macos-x64

For macOS Arm

Using npm:

npm install @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-macos-arm64

Using yarn:

yarn add @ironsoftware/ironpdf-engine-macos-arm64


Here is a sample HTML to PDF example to get started:

import {PdfDocument} from "@ironsoftware/ironpdf";

// HTML to PDF
(async () => {
// Render the HTML string
const pdf = await PdfDocument.fromHtml("<h1>Testing</h1>");

// Export the PDF document
await pdf.saveAs("pdf-from-html.pdf");

And another option is to create from URL to PDF:

import {PdfDocument} from "@ironsoftware/ironpdf";

// URL to PDF
(async () => {
// Render the web URL
const pdf = await PdfDocument.fromUrl("https://www.google.com");

// Export the PDF document
await pdf.saveAs("pdf-from-url.pdf");

Stamp PDF

import {PdfDocument} from "@ironsoftware/ironpdf";

// Stamp PDF
(async () => {
// Load existing PDF document
const pdf = await PdfDocument.fromFile("mypdf.pdf");

// Stamp image on the PDF
await pdf.stampHtml("<img src='https://ironpdf.com/img/products/ironpdf-logo-text.svg'/>");

// Export the PDF document
await pdf.saveAs("stampedPdf.pdf");

Features Table

IronPDF Features

Licensing & Support Available

For more support and inquiries, please email us at: support@ironsoftware.com

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