Changelog: Updates, milestones, roadmap

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April 2024

IronPdf for Python v2024.4.1.2/

Apr 5, 2024
Version 2024.4.1.2/

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds new PdfDocument.Compress() API.
  • Fixes issue where rotated PDFs cause broken images when convert PDF to HTML.
  • Fixes issue where Arabic PDFs break HTML structure when convert PDF to HTML.
  • Fixes issue where the Header/Footer font size was changed when applying margin.
  • Fixes issue where the Table of Contents (TOC) fails to render for complex HTML.
  • Fixes issue where setting the license key in IronPdfEngine is not working.
  • Fixes issue where converting a rotated PDF to HTML outputs broken images.
  • Fixes issue where converting a PDF with Arabic characters to HTML breaks the document structure.
  • Fixes issue where PdfSignature.SigningContact is not working.
  • Improves DocxToPdf performance.
  • Makes all Print methods asynchronous.
  • Updates gRPC libs to version 2.62.0

March 2024

IronPdf for Python v2024.3.1.3/

Mar 11, 2024
Version 2024.3.1.3/

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds a comprehensive new fonts API for adding, removing, and using fonts (see PdfDocument.Fonts)
  • Adds PDF text redaction feature (see PdfDocument.RedactText())
  • Adds support for compressing grayscale images with PdfDocument.CompressImages()
  • Adds support for both "444" and "441" chrome subsampling with PdfDocument.CompressImages()
  • Adds new method for loading signatures from base64 string (see PdfSignature.FromBase64())
  • Adds support for MacOs ARM when using the IronPdf "Docker Engine"
  • Adds IRONPDF_ENGINE_ENABLE_LOG environment flag for IronPdf "Docker Engine"
  • Improves error message when user attempts to sign using a signature without a private key
  • Improves error message when IronPdf "Docker Engine" version mismatch is detected
  • Improves memory usage when opening a document or working with images
  • Improves support for PDF/A
  • Improves text extraction to now omit a line-ending hyphen (character 0xFFFE)
  • Fixes issue with annotations not being resized correctly (see PdfDocument.ResizePage())
  • Fixes issue where license key in IronPdfEngine was overridden by the client
  • Fixes issue where table of contents were not working with single-line HTML
  • Fixes issue of "incompatible assembly" when upgrading IronPdf versions
  • Fixes rare version conflict with OpenXML library
  • Fixes issue with HTML stamp layouts
  • Fixes issue with content dissappearing when applying a background PDF
  • Fixes issue where first radio button in a collection was unable to be selected via HTML
  • Fixes issue where digital signatures on certain PDFs were not visible in Adobe viewer

February 2024

IronPdf for Python v2024.2.1.2

Jan 30, 2024
Version 2024.2.1.2

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds Word document to PDF conversion! (see DocxToPdfRenderer)
  • Adds support for LaTeX mathematics in PDF documents (see EnableMathematicalLaTex)
  • Adds support for cookies when rendering from HTML string
  • Adds macOS support for IronPdf async methods
  • Adds support for transparent signature images
  • Adds support for IronPdf hosting in Azure app services (see IronPdf.Server.Azure)
  • Adds support for using IronPdf on iOS and Android via Azure app service (see IronPdf.Examples repo)
  • Fixes macOS bug which would sometimes cause consecutive renders to fail
  • Fixes bug causing a crash when multiple Iron Software products are installed
  • Fixes bug preventing usage of Installation.ChromeGpuMode
  • Fixes miscellaneous bugs when using gRPC service (IronPdf Docker engine)
  • Fixes memory leak when merging documents
  • Changes cookies to be specific to each individual render (see ChromePdfRenderOptions.CustomCookies)
  • Changes default behavior of HTML-to-PDF renders to use separate request context (see IronPdf.Rendering.RequestContexts)
  • Improves stability of IronPdf Docker engine
  • Improves compatibility for macOS
  • Improves support for single process mode
  • Improves path detection when using IronPdf for Python on macOS
  • Reduces disk size of IronPdf Docker engine
  • Reduces time to save large documents (> 100 MB) by 90% or more
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Adds new automatic table of contents generation! See TableOfContents setting
  • Adds new way to reduce size of your PDF! See PdfDocument.CompressStructTree()
  • Adds new PDF form field API (see IFormFieldCollection and PdfDocument.Form)
  • Adds support for HTML form attributes 'readonly', 'disabled', and 'maxlength'
  • Adds support for "mail merge" when converting DocX to PDF (see RenderDocxMailMergeAsPdf())
  • Fixes base URL issue when a file path contains special character
  • Fixes issues with PDF/A throwing 'Invalid colorspace' in Adobe Reader
  • Fixes issues when generating an image from a PDF with transparency
  • Fixes issues when generating an image from a PDF after calling Flatten()
  • Fixes issues when using headers and footers or HTML stamps on machines with non-US cultures/strings
  • Fixes issues when using multiple Iron Software products in the same project
  • Fixes various issues and missing functionality when using Docker to host an IronPdf "engine"
  • Fixes when converting DocX containing headers and footers to PDF
  • Fixes various issues when running IronPdf in a persistent environment hosted on Apple hardware
  • Adds new Fonts API for adding, removing, and using Fonts! (see PdfDocument.Fonts)
  • Adds new Annotations API for retrieving document annotations! (see PdfDocument.Annotations)
  • Adds support for signature timestamp URLs which require SHA-256 or SHA-512 (see TimestampHashAlgorithms)
  • Adds support for radio button values set via HTML 'checked' attribute
  • Fixes bug where IronPdf would sometimes corrupt documents which were digitally signed by a 3rd party (see ChangeTrackingModes)
  • Fixes bug where certain PDF form elements would become corrupted after merging multiple documents
  • Fixes bug where PDF page index was incorrect when iterating over PDF pages using IronPdf
  • Fixes bug when setting value of a checkbox form
  • Fixes bug when applying background PDF behind an existing document
  • Fixes bug regarding applying headers and footers to a document with various different page sizes
  • Improves cookie behavior - custom cookies should now be accessible by entire URL domain when rendering
  • Improves visual display of checkboxes and radio buttons generated by IronPdf
  • Adds a list of valid choices for radio buttons and checkboxes. (See CheckboxFormField and RadioFormField for Choices and SelectedIndex)
  • Adds a way to set selected index of radio buttons and checkboxes. (See CheckboxFormField and RadioFormField for Clear() and Select)
  • Adds ability to draw lines and rectangles onto an existing document. (See PdfDocument for DrawLine() and DrawRectangle())
  • Adds ability to add an empty signature field which allows the user to click-to-sign. (See the SignatureFormField class)
  • Adds text, character, and line extraction with position information. (See PdfDocument.Pages for Lines and Characters)
  • Adds stronger opt-in web security features for those who are accepting untrusted user input. (See Installation.EnableWebSecurity)
  • Adds ability to specify font when drawing text onto an existing document. (See PdfDocument.DrawText())
  • Adds support for OpenAI extensions. (See IronPdf.Extensions.AI NuGet package)
  • Adds support for adding and removing forms via PdfDocument.Form.Add(), Remove(), etc. (implemented ObservableCollection)
  • Fixes bug where hyperlinks would break after enabling PDF/A or PDF/UA compatibility.
  • Fixes crash or failed render when rendering certain WebGL or JavaScript-heavy URLs on some machines.
  • Fixes PDF/UA validation when converting a document which contains hyperlinks. (PDF/UA 7.18.5)
  • Fixes System.AccessViolationException when convert to PDF/A.
  • Fixes replace text to be compatible with documents which use grayscale text or paths
  • Improves replace text behavior with many bug fixes and better text formatting
  • Improves PDF/A content descriptions for hyperlinks.
  • Improves behavior within read-only environments which only allow a single process by automatically enabling Installation.SingleProcess
  • Fixes transformation issue when modifying a document after calling AppendPdf()
  • Fixes issue with runtimes not being downloaded when Installation.AutomaticallyDownloadNativeBinaries=true
  • Fixes issue with Installation.CustomDeploymentDirectory being ignored
  • Fixes issue where enabling PDF/A compliance would remove transparency and result in a black background
  • Fixes issue where the PdfFormFieldFlags enum was inaccessible to users
  • Fixes issue where ReplaceTextOnPages() would throw an error if the text was not found on every page
  • Fixes issue with cookie support on Linux
  • Fixes issue where Installation.SingleProcess was always enabled
  • Fixes various issues when manipulating forms after configuring IronPdf to use Docker/remote
  • Improves various comments and API documentation
  • Improves letter, word, and text spacing when replacing text; Words should no longer have erroneous spacing between letters
  • Adds support for custom remote IronPdf connection configurations (see IronPdfConnectionConfiguration WithCustomChannel())

August 2023

IronPdf for Python v.2023.8.6

Aug 02, 2023
Version 2023.8.6

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Fixes 'missing IronPdfInterop.dll' in some cases
  • Fixes page index bug when using 'ImportPages'
  • Fixes bug causing program to hang when copying annotations
  • Adds feature for waiting for HTML elements to load before rendering (see 'WaitFor')
  • Adds feature for waiting for fonts to load before rendering (see 'WaitFor')
  • Adds feature for specifying rotation when drawing text
  • Adds feature for specifying custom color profile when saving as PDFA

Python Specific:

  • Added attempt to automatically install .NET 6.0
  • Added multiple retries when trying to download native dependencies at runtime
  • Improved recovery when download becomes corrupted
  • Added slightly better console output during initialization
  • Now also building platform specific packages which will be uploaded to our website (these do not require any downloads at runtime)

July 2023

IronPdf for Python v.2023.7.9

Jul 5, 2023
Version 2023.7.9

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes: