Changelog: Updates, milestones, roadmap

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September 2023

IronPdf for Python v.2023.9.1

Sep 19, 2023
Version 2023.9.1

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds Word document to PDF conversion! (see DocxToPdfRenderer)
  • Adds support for LaTeX mathematics in PDF documents (see EnableMathematicalLaTex)
  • Adds support for cookies when rendering from HTML string
  • Adds MacOS support for IronPdf async methods
  • Adds support for transparent signature images
  • Adds support for IronPdf hosting in Azure App Services (see IronPdf.Server.Azure)
  • Adds support for using IronPdf on iOS and Android via Azure app service (see IronPdf.Examples repo)
  • Fixes MacOS bug which would sometimes cause consecutive renders to fail
  • Fixes bug causing a crash when multiple IronSoftware products are installed
  • Fixes bug preventing usage of Installation.ChromeGpuMode
  • Fixes bug preventing running IronPdf within MAUI applications
  • Fixes miscellaneous bugs when using gRPC service (IronPdf Docker engine)
  • Fixes memory leak when merging documents
  • Changes cookies to be specific to each individual render (see ChromePdfRenderOptions.CustomCookies)
  • Changes default behavior of HTML-to-PDF renders to use separate request context (see IronPdf.Rendering.RequestContexts)
  • Improves stability of IronPdf Docker engine
  • Improves compatibility for MacOS
  • Improves support for single-process mode
  • Improves path detection when using IronPdf for Python on MacOS
  • Reduces disk size of IronPdf Docker engine
  • Reduces time to save large documents (>100MB) by 90% or more

August 2023

IronPdf for Python v.2023.8.6

Aug 02, 2023
Version 2023.8.6

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Fixes 'missing IronPdfInterop.dll' in some cases
  • Fixes page index bug when using 'ImportPages'
  • Fixes bug causing program to hang when copying annotations
  • Adds feature for waiting for HTML elements to load before rendering (see 'WaitFor')
  • Adds feature for waiting for fonts to load before rendering (see 'WaitFor')
  • Adds feature for specifying rotation when drawing text
  • Adds feature for specifying custom color profile when saving as PDFA

Python Specific:

  • Added attempt to automatically install .NET 6.0
  • Added multiple retries when trying to download native dependencies at runtime
  • Improved recovery when download becomes corrupted
  • Added slightly better console output during initialization
  • Now also building platform specific packages which will be uploaded to our website (these do not require any downloads at runtime)

July 2023

IronPdf for Python v.2023.7.9

Jul 5, 2023
Version 2023.7.9

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes: