IronPDF Developer Update, October 2022

Updated October 30, 2022

*5 minutes with our developer team*

I’m a developer, and I enjoy solving problems. Most of us do.

But, you shouldn’t have to solve a problem when you use IronPDF. It should simply work.

The number #1 complaint we had from devs was “my platform is not supported!” - And to be fair, they had a point.

You shouldn’t have to figure out a workaround with IronPDF (even if you’ve got the skills to do it), because a big reason to purchase our software is to make this particular step seamless.

We’re now 48% more seamless according to our drop in support tickets. That’s largely because of the increased compatibility of IronPDF. Keep reading here.

Compatibility improvements have happened over two years, and they’re ongoing.

What’s the latest?

The most impactful useability change this month has been to paper size defaults. They’re now accurate to 0.00001 millimeter, and they override existing CSS Stylesheet settings. That means no more hardcoded print defaults in file settings, and no more wasted time building workarounds.

Justin (JD) Pierce, Iron Software IronPDF Developer

Justin Pierce

C++ Developer

Justin, more commonly known as JD, discovered Python as a young teenager, and moved into Aduionos and Raspberry Pi projects before he finished high school.

As well as C++, JD works in C#, and JS. with some Python and HTML to a lesser extent.

Before joining the Iron Software team in 2019, JD was programming instruments for medical research. His broader hardware expertise spans from medical to music and kitchen devices.

He most enjoys architectural design, and creating projects from scratch. At Iron Software he leans into the varied technical knowledge each member has to get the best outcome.

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