How to Run IronPDF for Java in Google Cloud

Note: We have not fully tested support with Google Cloud but if you want to try, we have some Required Settings.

Important: Required Settings

  • Zip Deployment is not supported, since IronPDF requires execution of binaries at runtime.
  • Default Cloud Function Docker images is not working because it lacks of required packages required for Chrome to run properly.
  • Please use a custom Dockerfile and install all required packages. Learn more about this here:
  • Include the ironpdf-engine-linux-x64 dependency to your project: (change the version number to latest)

  • This plugin may be required:

                <!--  required for Docker-->
  • These dependencies may be required:

  • Set timeout to 330 seconds due to slow start.
  • Set memory size to at least 2048 MB.
  • Set EphemeralStorage Size to at least 1024 MB.

  • In some environments, you may need to point at an IronPdfEngineWorkingDirectory and set execution permissions for it:

    RUN chmod 777 /tmp/