Applying Licenses to Projects in IronPDF for Java

How to Get a License Key

Adding an IronPDF license key allows you to deploy your project live without restrictions or watermarks.

You can buy a license here or sign up for a free 30 day trial key here.

Step 1: Define IronPDF as a Java Dependency

Option 1: pom.xml Dependency

To define IronPDF as a dependency, please add the following to your pom.xml:


<!--Adds IronPDF Java. Use the latest version in the version tag.-->

<!--Adds the slf4j logger which IronPDF Java uses.-->


Option 2: Download the jar file

Optionally download the jar file manually from

Step 2: Apply Your License Key

Option 1: Apply license key in Java code

Add this code to the startup of your application, before IronPDF is used. This method is universally effective and straightforward.

import com.ironsoftware.ironpdf.*;

// Apply your license key

// Start using IronPDF!

Option 2: Apply license in config file

Add the following to your file:


Step 3: Test if your key has been installed correctly

// Check if a given license key string is valid.
License.IsValidLicense(String licenseKey);

Note: After adding a license always remember to clean and republish you application to avoid potential mistakes in deployment.

Step 4: Get started with your project

Follow our tutorial on how to Get Started with IronPDF.


IronPDF for Java is free to use and test in development environments with an IronPDF watermark applied.

To use in live projects and remove the watermark purchase a license. 30 day Trial licenses are also available here.

For our full list of code examples, tutorials, licensing information, and documentation visit: IronPDF for Java.

For more support and inquiries, please ask our team.