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IronPDF for Java Roadmap

IronPDF for Java is the first product Iron Software has launched in the Java language. In August 2022, Iron Software announced an intention to diversify into new languages. IronPDF for Java came just 3 months later.

Created in 1995, Java is still the leading program language based on use volume, making it the next logical choice for us to offer. Our expansion from the well established IronPDF for .NET product mirrors the same diverse feature set. Our intention is to maintain the same pace with frequent updates and the latest HTML, CSS and JS technology shifts, to ensure our community has access to cutting edge technologies.

As with any new product, feedback is essential. As engineers we know software should always be improving. Our intention is to encourage wide use of IronPDF for Java from our community of more than 50,000 developers, so we appreciate your feedback in volume.

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November 2022

IronPDF v2022.11.1

Nov 17, 2022
Version 2022.11.1

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Adds radio button form elements, generated from html 'input' elements with a 'type' attribute of 'radio'
  • Adds RTF-to-PDF - see renderRtfAsPdf() for more information
  • Adds page selection to replace text - see replaceText()
  • Adds toMultiPageTiff()
  • Adds License.isLicensed() and License.isValidLicensed()
  • Fixes text headers and footers not being visible
  • Fixes error when merging documents with certain bookmark configurations
  • Fixes error when calling applyWatermark()
  • Fixes form fields sometimes not being editable after merging
  • Fixes form generation for html elements with styles marked '!important'
  • Fixes some TIFF images not loading when using fromImage()
  • Fixes IronPdf java Download progress sometimes show > 100%
  • Updates logic for applying margins to headers and footers (now only applying left and right margins by default)
  • Supports ironpdf-engine as a maven dependency
  • Fixes ironpdf-engine download progress sometimes show > 100%

IronPDF v2022.11.0 [First Release!]

Nov 10, 2022
Version 2022.11.0

Features & Upgrades

Release Notes:

  • Using IronPdfEngine 2022.11.10413 (IronPdf .Net 2022.10.9622)