iTextSharp Documentation Reviewed VS IronPDF


When working with C# libraries for PDF file manipulation, developers often find themselves choosing between IronPDF and iTextSharp. Both libraries have their own strengths and capabilities, but one crucial aspect to consider is the quality of their documentation and the level of customer support they offer. In this article, we will compare these two libraries based on their documentation and customer support to help developers make the best choice based on their needs and current skill level.


IronPDF Comprehensive and User-Friendly

IronPDF is renowned for its well-documented code examples and hands-on tutorials, from basic PDF generation, where you can create PDFs using HTML data, to more advanced tasks such as form filling and data extraction. The documentation is not only comprehensive but also highly accessible to developers of all skill levels. IronPDF's documentation provides step-by-step instructions with better language support, code samples with full PDF functionality on display, and detailed explanations of various features, making it easy for developers to get new projects started quickly.

iTextSharp Documentation Reviewed VS IronPDF: Figure 1

IronPDF's feature page, as shown in the above screenshot, offers a comprehensive list of its functionalities, all neatly documented for your convenience. When you select a specific feature, it guides you to a more detailed section. Here, you'll find not only the feature's code examples but also step-by-step tutorials and links to its API reference. This wealth of information proves incredibly valuable for users seeking to understand and implement the feature effectively.

The code examples are well-written and easy to follow, and the tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete specific projects and tasks. Below is a source code example that illustrates how straightforward it is to convert an HTML string into a newly generated PDF document object using IronPDF:

using IronPdf;

// Instantiate Renderer
var renderer = new ChromePdfRenderer();

// Create a PDF File from an HTML string using C#
var pdf = renderer.RenderHtmlAsPdf("<h1>Hello World</h1>");

// Export to a file or Stream.
using IronPdf;

// Instantiate Renderer
var renderer = new ChromePdfRenderer();

// Create a PDF File from an HTML string using C#
var pdf = renderer.RenderHtmlAsPdf("<h1>Hello World</h1>");

// Export to a file or Stream.
Imports IronPdf

' Instantiate Renderer
Private renderer = New ChromePdfRenderer()

' Create a PDF File from an HTML string using C#
Private pdf = renderer.RenderHtmlAsPdf("<h1>Hello World</h1>")

' Export to a file or Stream.
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iTextSharp (iText8) A Bit Complicated

iTextSharp, the .NET version of iText 5, is now obsolete and has been replaced by iText Core 8, also known as iText8. iText8 is also a robust and powerful PDF processing library that can be used to add PDF functionality to existing projects and generate new PDF documents but can be considered somewhat complex in terms of documentation. While extensive, the iTextSharp (iText8) Documentation may require more effort and time for developers to navigate and understand. Some developers might find the learning curve steeper when working with iText8 due to its complex documentation structure.

iTextSharp Documentation Reviewed VS IronPDF: Figure 2

iText core also offers a feature page, as shown in the screenshot above, but note that it does not provide direct links to individual features.

iText8 also provides code examples for new PDF document generation and works with existing PDF files, but they may not be considered as well-organized or as easy to follow as the IronPDF examples. Additionally, the iText8 documentation page does not include as many tutorials as the IronPDF documentation. For a more detailed comparison of iText vs IronPDF extra functionality, visit these links: Reading PDF files, Digital signatures, HTML to PDF documents.

Customer Support

IronPDF 24/5 Assistance

IronPDF stands out with its excellent customer support for not only security fixes, but also offering 24/5 assistance to its users. This round-the-clock availability on weekdays and continued support can be a lifesaver when encountering issues or needing clarification on library features. The responsive support team is ready to address queries promptly, ensuring that developers can rely on timely assistance to resolve any roadblocks in their existing projects.

iTextSharp (iText8) Limited Customer Support

iText's customer support, while present, may not be as readily available or responsive as IronPDF's. Users have reported that obtaining assistance can be challenging at times, leading to potential delays in problem resolution. For developers who prioritize strong support as part of their library choice, iText's limited customer support may be a drawback. Additionally, the iText customer support team is only available during business hours.

Feature Comparison between IronPDF and iTextSharp (iText8)

Here is a table comparing IronPDF and iText8 in terms of documentation, customer support, overall ease of use, pricing, community support, improvements, and new features:

iTextSharp Documentation Reviewed VS IronPDF: Figure 3

Which library provides better facilities?

Based on the comparison above, IronPDF provides better facilities in terms of documentation and customer support. It also provides many improvements over a short period of time. iText8 is a more powerful library, but it can be more difficult to learn and use, and the documentation may be more complex and difficult to navigate

Which library should you choose?

If you are looking for a PDF library that is easy to use and has good documentation, then IronPDF is the better choice. If you need a more complex and powerful library and are willing to invest the time to learn how to use it, then iText8 may be a better option.

Ultimately, the best way to decide which library is right for you is to try both of them and see which one you prefer. Here is a comprehensive comparison between iText and IronPDF on data extraction to help you make a better choice by looking at the functionalities they offer.


In the battle of documentation and customer support between IronPDF and iText8, IronPDF emerges as the more developer-friendly option. Its well-structured, user-friendly documentation with hands-on tutorials simplifies the learning process and accelerates development. Furthermore, the availability of 24/5 customer support ensures that developers receive timely assistance when needed.

While iText8 also offers powerful PDF processing capabilities, its documentation may be perceived as more complex, and its customer support is less readily available compared to IronPDF. Developers looking for a smoother learning curve and dependable support may find IronPDF to be the preferable choice.

IronPDF offers a free version for development purposes. For commercial use, you can purchase a license, starting at $749 for a single developer. Additionally, there's a free trial with full features and support for you to evaluate before making a purchase. Download the software from here.