PDF Forms

You can create editable PDF documents with IronPDF as easily as a normal document. The PdfForm class is a collection of user-editable form fields within a PDF document. It can be implemented into your PDF render to make it a form or an editable document.

This example shows you how to create editable PDF forms in IronPDF.

PDFs with editable forms can be created from HTML simply by adding <form>, <input>, and <textarea> tags to the document parts.

The PdfDocument.Form.GetFieldByName can be used to read and write the value of any form field. The field's name will be the same as the 'name' attribute given to that field in your HTML.

The PdfDocument.Form object can be used in two ways.

  • The first is to populate the default value of form fields, which must be focused in Adobe Reader to display this value.
  • The second is to read data from user-filled PDF forms in any language.