IronPDF Package Size

I am trying to use IronPDF, but I am being held up due to the size of the DLL.

For environments that are restricted by initial package size (example: AWS Lambda), please use IronPdf.Slim.

This package contains the IronPdf.dll, but you will then need to set Installation.AutomaticallyDownloadNativeBinaries = true to have the IronPdf.Native.Chrome package for your platform downloaded at runtime.


  • Does NOT include Windows, Linux, or MacOS specific dependencies*
  • Windows, Linux, or MacOS dependencies will be downloaded at run-time
  • Useful for cross-platform solutions which want to download platform-specific dependencies at run-time
  • Supports ALL platforms, but platform-specific dependencies will be downloaded the first time the program is run
  • Useful for highly portable applications where the target platform is unknown

For more information on available packages, please reference What Version of IronPDF Should I Use?

*The IronPdf.Native.Chrome packages contain the rendering engine, so are required