IronPDF Support for Windows with .NET

IronPDF supports Windows 10, 11 and Windows Server for .NET 8, 7, 6, Core, Standard, and Framework.

Windows Server

We support Windows Server 2022 and 2016 both in Desktop Experience and Core variants, while only supporting 2019 and 2012 in the Desktop Experience version.

Windows Server 2022 & 2016

  • Windows Server 2022 & 2016 with a UI ("Desktop experience")
  • Windows Server 2022 & 2016 command-line only ("Core").

Windows Server 2019 & 2012

  • Windows Server 2019 & 2012 with a UI ("Desktop experience")
  • Windows Server 2019 & 2012 command-line only ("Core").

We are making an effort to support the Core and Nano versions of Windows Server. There isn't an issue with the operating system architecture that is blocking our support. It is likely due to the media/graphics DLLs that Chromium (Chrome Renderer) requires to render HTML to PDF, which are present in the "Desktop" version of Windows Server but missing from the stripped-down version.

Furthermore, since Windows Nano Server is a stripped-down version of Windows Server Core, once we fully support Windows Server Core, we will look into supporting Windows Nano Server.

Windows Nano Server / Servercore in .Net6 do not support System.Drawing

Windows Server Standard & DataCenter

Based on the differences highlighted in Microsoft documentation "Comparison of Standard and Datacenter editions of Windows Server 2016", Windows Server DataCenter contains all the components of Windows Server Standard, along with additional storage enhancement components. IronPdf would also work on Windows Server DataCenter Desktop Experience.

Windows Specific Install

The main IronPdf NuGet package depend on IronPdf.Native.Chrome.Windows, which contains the Chrome binary for both x86 and x64 architectures.

  • The IronPdf package support x86 and x46 Windows architectures.

If targeting a specific target runtime, you can delete the /runtimes folder not in use (either x86 or x64).