IronPdf and IIS

IronPdf and IIS


  • Multiple websites in the same app-pool are not supported, due to Chrome initialization only allowing one call per process
  • Separate app-pools are required
  • However even when using separate app-pools, changing site config or content causes IIS to try to restart Chrome automatically - which will cause a crash, as Chrome does not support reinitialization
  • A website restart is then required, and if the problem persists, a full Application Pool restart is required


  • Forces separate app-pools
  • Works well
  • Changing app content should be fine and full restarts should NOT be required
  • Multiple sites on the same IIS webserver using IronPDF work without issue
  • LiveReload not supported

We are working on better detection, clearer and more helpful exceptions messages for this (increasingly more rare) setup

From IronPdf 2022.7.6986, please try setting Installation.SkipShutdown = true;

API -\_Installation\_SkipShutdown