MetaData Visibility

What is visible in the MetaData categories?

MetaData is visible to anyone able to open a PDF.

These include the following items:

Pdf.MetaData.Author = "John Doe";
Pdf.MetaData.Keywords = "Key, Word";
Pdf.MetaData.ModifiedDate = DateTime.Now;
Pdf.MetaData.CustomProperties.Add("Test", "val");
Pdf.MetaData.Producer = "test";
Pdf.MetaData.Subject = "test metadata";
Pdf.MetaData.Title = "test";

- When Owner Password only is set, the PDF is otherwise unaffected and will open freely without requiring a password. All fields remain visible.
- When a User Password is set, the PDF can only be opened by those with the set password. Once opened, all fields are made visible.