Adding IronPDF to a software program installer

Publishing Methods:

  • Self-contained: includes the .NET runtime and libraries, and your application and its dependencies. Users of the application can run it on a machine that doesn't have the .NET runtime installed.
  • Framework-dependant: includes only your application itself and its dependencies. Users of the application have to separately install the .NET runtime.
framework-dependent executable for the current platform.dotnet publish
framework-dependent executable for a specific platform.dotnet publish -r <RID> --self-contained false
framework-dependent binary.dotnet publish
self-contained executable.dotnet publish -r <RID>

For more information, see .NET dotnet publish command and .NET fundamentals Single-file deployment and executable

IronPDF Installer

For Windows:
For Linux:
For MacOs:

For MacOs.ARM:

Distribution of your project would require a license including SAAS/OEM Redistribution.
You should apply the license key using IronPdf.License.LicenseKey = 'KEY';