IronPDF Support for macOS with .NET Core

IronPDF now fully supports macOS (formerly "OS X") for .NET Standard Libraries, Core applications, and .NET 8, 7, 6 & 5 projects.

We do not support the development of .NET Framework projects on macOS as they are implemented by Xamarin, and are not an official release of .NET runtime.

IronPDF fully supports all versions of macOS out-of-the-box as of January 2020. There are no dependencies to install.

No code changes are required to support Apple users or developers. Once developed on a Mac, developers can also deploy to Windows Linux and Mac Environments. This will require the developers to add additional binaries depending on where the project is being deployed.

On macOS, the only difference is that multithreaded PDF renderings support (often important on web servers) can not yet be supported due to the lack of a message pump built into Chromium Embedded Framework for Mac.

We value support for macOS because many .NET developers, including members of our team, enjoy developing .NET applications on Visual Studio for Mac and JetBrains Rider on macOS

macOS Specific Configuration & Install

Apple has used various generations of Intel processors over the years and since 2020 they have been launching Mac computers with Apple Silicon processors.

Hardware Specification

IronPDF uses Chromium to render HTML to PDF. The Chromium engine renders PDFs with pixel-perfect to Chrome's print feature. The hardware specifications are primarily for running the Chromium engine, which takes most of the computing power.

  • Minimum : 1 Cores & 1.75 GB of RAM
  • Recommended : 2 Cores & 8 GB of RAM or above