How to Use IronPdfEngine

IronPdfEngine is a gRPC server designed to manage various IronPDF operations, including creating, writing, editing, and reading PDFs. Built as a self-contained C# .NET application, IronPdfEngine operates independently, eliminating the need for the .NET runtime during execution.

C# NuGet Library for PDF

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronPdf

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

IronPdf .NET and IronPdfEngine

IronPdf .NET does not require IronPdfEngine to run. IronPdfEngine is just an optional ways to use IronPdf. By default IronPdf for .NET will not use IronPdfEngine.

Please note
Each version of IronPdf for .NET required a specific version of IronPdfEngine. Cross-version are not suppoted. For IronPdf for .NET the required version of IronPdfEngine will always matched. For example IronPdf 2024.2.2 will use IronPdfEngine 2024.2.2

IronPdf .NET with Remote IronPdfEngine

IronPdf.slim nuget package is the only packaged needed to use IronPdf for .NET with Remote IronPdfEngine.

Please note
If you are using IronPdf or IronPdf.Linux you may use IronPdf.slim instead to reduce your application size.

Assuming that IronPdfEngine run remotely at 123.456.7.8:33350.

Please note
To run IronPdfEngine remotely, please refer to "How to Pull and Run IronPdfEngine."

Install IronPdf using NuGet:

PM> Install-Package IronPdf

After installing IronPdf.slim, you just need to tell IronPdf where IronPdfEngine is (please make sure that address is accessible, not blocked by firewall). Use the IronPdfConnectionConfiguration class to configure the connection settings. Add the below code to the initial stage of your application (or just before calling any IronPdf method).

VB   C#

Simple as that! After this your application will be connected to Remote IronPdfEngine!