IronPDF Milestone: PDFium DOM Release

In 2015, Iron Software launched IronPDF. We started with a product that worked, but our team has been driving significant improvements over time. One major milestone was the PDFium Dom Release. In this article we look at what our customers wanted from this, and how our developers made it happen.

  • Update from: PDFSharp
  • Update to: PDFium DOM
  • Key benefit: Damaged or corrupt PDFs can now be loaded and saved correctly.
  • Secondary benefits: Compression, security, time-saving.
  • Date shipped: 2022

In 2022, we replaced PDFSharp with PDFium. Learn more about what PDFium is and how we use it here.

When you’re purchasing software to save time, you need it to work as seamlessly as possible for every scenario. When developers encountered a corrupt file it was slowing them down, because they had to troubleshoot it. Corrupt files either could not be opened or, they could be loaded but would not save. PDFium addressed these issues to ultimately improve your productivity.

Argh corrupt file

Though our primary driver for moving from PDFSharp to PDFium was to create a more seamless experience, by avoiding issues with corrupt files, it also gave us more control.

This move has effectively meant our developers could take control of the code and create any feature we want.

Additional examples of benefits include

Reduced issues

This migration made regular product updates possible, and therefore reduced 50% of issues reported from our support backlog.

Improved performance

PDFium gives us greater control and is the basis that allows us to add feature updates when developers in our community request them.

This means our development team has been able to make 60% more updates than previous periods. By making the most use of our fork of PDFium, it is becoming more customized to our users needs and less like the original product. Listening to the developer community and responding to feature requests is core to our business. This has enabled us to do that more effectively.

For a more complete list of updates you can visit this page.

Improved security

Making choices that optimize our customer’s security is always at the forefront of our planning process.

Google own PDFium and make frequent improvements, security and bug fixes, giving it greater performance and lower security issues and risks compared to many similar products.

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