IronPDF Runtimes Folder

IronPDF requires the runtimes folder be included in a project/deployment.

Failing to include this folder will throw the following exceptions:

  • ExceptionMessage: "Failed to locate native library at path 'C:\path-to\your-app\chrome_elf.dll"


  1. Deploy using the Publishing Wizard from within Visual Studio and select Portable as the target runtime (this will automatically include the runtimes folder)
  2. If unable to use Visual Studio to manage your deployment, manually copy the runtimes folders from a development machine into the bin folder in your production machine

For customers with multiple projects, to avoid requiring multiple runtimes folders:

  • Use the Windows installer to install a single IronPdf.dll that you can reference for all of your projects
  • Installing IronPDF in a separate PDF rendering microservice, and call from individual projects