How to Export PDF/UA Format Documents in C#

by Chaknith Bin

IronPDF allows you to export PDFs to the PDF/UA standard, ensuring accessibility for individuals with disabilities. PDF/UA follows specific guidelines, including support for assistive technologies like screen readers. By complying with PDF/UA, your PDF documents meet the accessibility requirements set by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Beyond accessibility, PDF/UA offers benefits such as text reflow on small screens, improved navigation options, customizable text appearance, enhanced search engine functionality, and efficient text selection and copying.

C# NuGet Library for PDF

Install with NuGet

Install-Package IronPdf

Download DLL

Download DLL

Manually install into your project

Export PDF/UA Document Example

To export a PDF document in PDF/UA compliance format, you can use the SaveAsPdfUA method. Simply import the PDF document and use this method to export it as a PDF/UA file. You may popluate the naturalLanguages parameter to specify the natural language of the PDf document. Consider the PDF document shown below. You can use the accompanying code to export it as a PDF/UA file.

Input file: "wikipedia.pdf"


using IronPdf;

// Open PDF File
PdfDocument pdf = PdfDocument.FromFile("wikipedia.pdf");

// Export as PDF/UA compliance PDF
VB   C#


The output file is PDF/UA compliant:

PDF/UA compliant

Output PDF:

Please note
Exporting a newly rendered PDF from an HTML string, file, or web URL is not currently supported.

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