Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) support

Is RHEL supported?

Red Hat Linux is not one of the Linux distributions that IronPDF officially supports yet, though the following commands (used by CentOS 8) have been proven successful in various preliminary tests.

This list may also be used for AlmaLinux and Oracle Linux.

   dnf -y install glibc-devel
    dnf -y install nss
    dnf -y install at-spi2-atk
    dnf -y install libXcomposite
    dnf -y install libXrandr
    dnf -y install mesa-libgbm
    dnf -y install alsa-lib
    dnf -y install pango
    dnf -y install cups-libs
    dnf -y install libXdamage
    dnf -y install libxshmfence
    dnf -y install libxkbcommon

    chmod 755 IronCefSubprocess
    # (IronCefSubprocess is normally found at bin/runtimes/linux-x64/)

As with manual installation for other Linux distributions, set IronPdf.Installation.LinuxAndDockerDependenciesAutoConfig = false; 

For more information, please see: