Render view to string

How do I render a view to a string?

To convert a view into a string in order to process it further, follow these steps:

  1. Render the View to a HTML String: Begin by rendering the view to a string format. This can be achieved using techniques appropriate for your framework or environment.

  2. Example Implementation: An example implementation in .NET Core can be found here. This example demonstrates methods to convert a view into a HTML string, which is essential for subsequent processing steps.

  3. Convert String to PDF: Once you have the view content as a string, you can then proceed to convert this string into a PDF format as needed for your application. IronPDF implementation to convert HTML string to PDF can be found in this code example

By following these steps, you can efficiently handle the conversion of views into strings and subsequently into PDFs or other formats required by your application.

Alternatively, the IronPDF extension package provides functionality for rendering Views directly to PDF or HTML string. To learn more, visit the article 'How to Convert Views to PDFs in ASP.NET Core MVC.'