Set Temp PDF File Path

IronPDF, as with much other software, will occasionally generate temporary files as you create, edit and render your PDF projects. This is usually unavoidable and necessary for proper functioning as they are generally used to temporarily store work data. To make this a little bit easier to handle, IronPDF gives you control over where this folder can be located and other settings about your temp PDF file path. IronPDF makes creating and using temp files a breeze.

This example shows you how to set the temp PDF file path for your PDF projects.

In the global installation and setup preferences section for all instances of IronPDF, we can set IronPdf.Installation.TempFolderPath to work around this also, though third-party packages may sometimes use the Environmental TempPath Directory.

To control this, we can set the TempPath Environmental Variable application-wide in C# on application startup.

You may want to delete the temp files after you are done with your project If you don't delete the temp file after you've finished using it, it will obviously remain there, and these files will eventually fill up your temp folder.