Are you looking for how to add a watermark to PDF documents pragmatically using C# .NET platform?

First, take look at "what a watermark is and why it is important". A watermark is a word or picture that appears in the foreground and background of existing text documents, similar to a stamp, in a PDF. You may, for example, use a "Confidential" watermark on pages that contain sensitive information.

IronPDF can provide the perfect solution to all of your PDF document watermarking needs, like the need to add watermark images to a PDF document on a single page, or on multiple pages, and also provides support if you need to add a watermark to pdf files as a whole.

IronPDF provides methods to 'watermark' PDF documents with HTML. Watermarks may be set to render above or below existing content, and have built in capacity for opacity, rotation and hyperlinks.

You can download a file project from this link.

Best .NET Library for Adding Text and Image Watermark to PDF

IronPDF has the market-leading .NET library for PDF file watermarking. IronPDF makes it easy for developers to add both text and image-based watermarks to PDF pages. To add watermark images to a PDF file, IronPDF allows its users multiple options to manipulate watermarks in the PDF file.

  • watermark single page
  • watermark all the pages
  • watermark text pages of your choice
  • adjust watermark location
  • adjust watermark position

Why use IronPDF for Adding Watermark to PDF File

IronPDF leads the PDF industry and offers all types of PDF manipulating and formatting features. Using IronPDF you can add PDF watermarks to new documents as well as existing PDF files.

Are you worried about how to add a text watermark or an image watermark to a PDF file using the .NET platform?

With only a few lines of code, IronPDF handles the watermarking process, and also allows users to add an image watermark from different image formats like PNG and PNGP, and many more.

Steps To Add Watermark in PDF file

  • Download and install the IronPDF library.
  • Create a new document or use an existing pdf file.
  • Copy from the code snippet or write simple code in the static void main method.
  • Then run the application to check the output PDF file with the watermark.

IronPDF Capabilities

IronPDF .NET library features all the PDF-related textual solutions whether you want to customize font, add a text watermark, read PDF files using string, add a cover page in place of a first page, and all the PDF specification effects.

IronPDF support nearly all the operating system compatible with PDF out there. IronPDF allows its developer to have royal control in formatting PDFs. IronPDF supports a lot of images formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF Files. you can also read and save PDF files with just a single line of code.

About IronSuite

The IronSuite is a bundle of state-of-the-art products from Iron Software. The suite includes 5 leading digital solutions tools:

  • IronPDF
  • IronOCR
  • IronBarCode
  • IronXL
  • IronWebScraper

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