Editing PDFs

Our Engineering team has written a comprehensive tutorial that explores IronPDF's PDF editing capabilities in great detail. Read this article to learn how to make full use of IronPDF to modify PDF documents to best suit project requirements.
IronPDF allows many PDF file editing manipulations. The most popular are merging, cloning and extracting pages.

PDF may also be watermarked, stamped and have backgrounds and foregrounds applied.

Do you have trouble finding a C# PDF editor for the .NET platform?

IronPDF is an all-in-one PDF library solution. No matter what your PDF issue is, IronPDF has the perfect solution for you. Editing PDF files using IronPDF ensures a wide range of options becomes available, including merging PDF files, adding cover pages, removing the last page from a PDF document, splitting PDF files, using PDF annotations, and many other tools for manipulating PDFs.

IronPDF is the Best C# Library for PDF Files and PDF Document Editing

IronPDF is free to use. This PDF library for developers offers many functionalities for PDF-related editing. Its top-of-the-line features are converting HTML to PDF files, creating new PDF files, saving PDF pages, inserting and deleting images from PDFs, and opening those PDF files created by Microsoft Office. It also supports all types of image and file formats. Writing source code has never been easier, and IronPDF supports many frameworks including the .NET framework and .NET core. In short, IronPDF is very helpful to its users and addresses all their PDF issues.

C# PDF Editor Integration

You can easily integrate the IronPDF PDF Editor into your project using the NuGet project manager console, and then use IronPDF in your console application.

  • Go to Tools and open the NuGet Console in Visual Studio.

  • In the Console, write "install package IronPDF" and press Enter.

  • Then, simply copy the above sample code or write your own source code.

Why use IronPDF for Editing PDFs?

When using IronPDF you'll see that the PDF library offers a wide range of functions that make it easy to work with PDFs. You are free to explore the class and function. You may make a C# Windows Form sample or another major product to see the perfect outcome of reading the PDF. IronPDF provides source code and tutorials for all its features. To create a new page or new pages, fill out Windows Forms in the input file just write a few lines of code in the "static void main" method and run the application. IronPDF provides free support to its users for any problems they face, as well as any kind of information they need about IronPDF.

IronPDF Extra Editing Features and Supported File Formats

IronPDF allows its users to add watermarks, rotate pages, add annotations, digitally sign PDF pages, create PDF new documents, attach cover pages, customize PDF sizes, and much more when generating and formatting PDF files.

IronPDF offers 50+ features to read and edit PDFs. It supports all types of file formats, including images such as JPG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc. In addition to all of this, the IronPDF library supports PDF imaging. This feature has the ability to convert any number of photos to PDFs and vice versa with a single line of code.

IronPDF Licensing and the Iron Suite

IronPDF is free for developers, but to deploy your project live you need a license key. IronPDF offers three distinctive license packages according to users' needs. The Basic Lite Package starts from $749. IronPDF licenses are for a lifetime, and there are options for both free and paid support, as well as version updates from any location at any time.

The Lite Package for the Iron Suite starts from just $1498. To get more information and check our price structure, please visit this link.