Add Barcodes in HTML to PDF

In addition to supporting custom fonts, IronPDF also supports web fonts including Barcode Fonts, so you can include barcode information in your PDF projects easily. This gives the developer the ability to render barcodes into PDF documents.

This example shows you how to render barcodes into your PDF documents with IronPDF.

However, there may be cases where this functionality doesn't support your Barcode type, such as QR. In such cases, you can easily maneuver your way around by using IronOCR to generate barcodes and then embed them in PDFs as images.

You can check out Google Fonts to explore the 7 Google WebFont-based barcode rendering styles. There are a few limitations when using this barcode font technique. Some of them currently include the need for a RenderDelay. Also, web fonts do not work on Azure shared Windows Web App hosting for Microsoft's own security reasons.