Read PDF Files in C#

The PdfDocument.ExtractAllText method from the IronPDF C# PDF library is perfect for vanilla PDF text reading tasks. This method handles whitespace and encoding discrepancies within source PDF documents without any issue.

PdfDocument.ExtractTextFromPage reads the text from specific pages of a PDF. In the example above, we see it used iteratively to retrieve text content from a specific range of pages.

IronPDF can also extract raw images from PDFs. For this, use either of the methods from the PdfDocument class below:

  • ExtractAllImages: returns all images embedded in a PDF as IronSoftware.Drawing.AnyBitmap objects.
  • ExtractAllRawImages: retrieves all embedded images as a list of raw bytes (byte[]).
  • ExtractImagesFromPage: extracts the images contained on an indexed page
  • ExtractImagesFromPages: same as ExtractImagesFromPage, but from a specific page range or a list of individual pages.
  • ExtractRawImagesFromPage and ExtractRawImagesFromPages: works the same as the previous two methods, but returns extracted images as byte arrays instead of as IronSoftware.Drawing.AnyBitmap objects.