Unicode & UTF-8 Support

IronPDF has natively introduced support for Unicode as a mechanism to render many different languages in a PDF. IronPDF nativity supports UTF-8 and Unicode characters, normally with zero configuration.

This example shows you how to use Unicode & UTF-8 Support to display modern-letter-based languages on a PDF document.

This method is commonly used to render languages like

  • Hindi
  • Chinese (many variants)
  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Thai

To have this work as it should, your machine must have Unicode fonts installed. For Mac and Windows, this is often automatic. For Linux, you may need to manually install fonts using apt-get.

Using Google Fonts is also a great option to ensure Unicode font rendering is perfect. Setting <meta charset="UTF-8"> or similar when rendering files or URLs is always smart.

This encoding solves the issue of displaying multiple languages like Arabic, Chinese, etc. on a single PDF Document while also working in URLs.