How to Delete a Page in PDF Documents

PDF documents are now very popular and used all around the world. People choose to work with PDF documents because they are easy to use and transfer. Users may often need to delete one or more PDF pages according to their needs, and sometimes it can be difficult to work out the best method for doing this efficiently. Don't worry, we've got you covered in this article. We will show you the easiest ways to remove pages from PDF files, so be sure to read through to the end to learn about all the various methods.

IronPDF: a C# Library for Editing PDF Files

IronPDF is a C# library that helps create and edit PDFs. If you are a developer and don't wish to upload your PDF file to an online PDF editor to delete PDF pages, you can create your own PDF page-remover instead. IronPDF makes it easy for developers to create their own PDF page-remover tool. It provides all the necessary documentation, as well as all the relevant code examples to help make things easy to understand. You can take advantage of the free 30-day trial key to test its capabilities.

IronPDF is an excellent tool for developers who frequently work with PDF files. It has many unique features that support a range of editing capabilities for PDF documents. IronPDF provides an efficient way to remove PDF pages, giving you the option to easily delete one or more pages from any given PDF file. You can download the cheatsheet for more help with writing code or follow the code examples . By writing a few simple lines of code, you selected a page or pages that will be deleted from a PDF file. IronPDF provides RemovePage() and RemovePages() functions to help delete multiple pages from PDF documents. Using IronPDF, you can save the modified file easily to any destination in your system using the SaveAs() function.

  • You must first create a Windows Form project in Visual Studio.
  • Next, initiate the PDF document using the IronPDF library, and provide the path of the file in parameters.
    • (PdfDocument PDF = new PdfDocument("File path");
  • Apply the RemovePage() or RemovePages() function to delete one or more PDF pages.
    • PDF.RemovePage(Page Number)
  • To save a new file, apply the SaveAs() function to save the modified file to any destination.
    • PDF.SaveAs("Path to save new file")

IronPDF supports Microsoft Windows, Mac, Linux, Docker, and Azure Operating Systems.

How to delete pages from PDF files in Windows

There are multiple ways to delete PDF pages in Windows. Both free and paid software is widely available on the internet to help delete pages from PDF documents.

1. PDF Page Delete

PDF Page Delete is a free offline tool that helps remove PDF pages quickly and then saves the new document into a new PDF file on your selected path. Let's see how we can use this software to delete pages from PDF documents.


  • Open a PDF file in PDF Page Delete software.
  • Select page or pages from the left sidebar using the checkbox.
  • Next, click on "Delete the Selected Pages".
  • Click the "Save" button to save the modified file.
PDF Page Delete

PDF Page Delete

2. Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud (Adobe Acrobat DC)

Adobe Document Cloud is a complete package for all types of AdobePDF-related tasks. It offers impressive features at a very reasonable price. You must buy its subscription in order to access the advanced features. Let's see how we can delete pages from PDF documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.


  • Open the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC application. Next, open your Adobe Acrobat PDF file by clicking on the File menu and selecting open. (File > Open)

  • Select the desired file and click Open.

  • Select "Organize Pages" from the right panel of the document.

  • Hover on the page's thumbnail to delete and press the trash icon. Or, select multiple pages by holding the ctrl key and then pressing the delete key or trash icon on the secondary toolbar.

  • Finally, press OK to confirm the delete.

How to delete PDF pages on a Mac

If you are working on a Mac, it is effortless to delete a page from a PDF using the default-free Preview application.

Delete pages from PDFs in Preview on a Mac:

  • Open your PDF in the Preview application.
  • Make sure that the "Hide Sidebar" option is unchecked in the View menu.
  • From the View menu, select Thumbnails (View > Thumbnails). It will display thumbnails on the left side of the document.
  • Select the page or pages you want to delete by clicking on the page thumbnails from the sidebar.
  • Click on the Edit menu and select the delete option (Edit > Delete). Alternatively, press the delete key to delete pages.

You can quickly delete pages in the Preview application on a Mac by following these steps. However, those using Preview can face a number of problems removing pages.

Why can't I delete a page from a PDF in Preview?

A frequently asked question while deleting pages from PDF in Preview is "Why can't I delete a page in Preview?". There are several reasons why this can happen. Let's have a look at the causes and their solutions.

Not clicking on the Thumbnails before deleting:

After selecting the thumbnail, the delete function will not activate if you perform any other action. You have to ensure that your last step before deleting pages is selecting thumbnails. To solve this problem, you must choose a thumbnail image and then go to Edit > Delete without performing other activities. Don't perform any action in the document area after selecting the desired page's thumbnails.

Free PDF online tools to delete pages from PDF documents:

There are many online PDF tools available to remove pages from PDF documents. We have selected some very easy-to-use online tools that will help you delete pages from a PDF quickly. Let's talk about these online tools.

1. Smallpdf:

SmallPDF is an online tool for editing PDF files online. Let's see how we can use this PDF tool to delete PDF pages online.

  • Click on "Choose Files", select your desired document, and click "Open".

  • Pages will display in the form of thumbnails.

  • Hover on the thumbnail you want to delete and click on the trash icon.

  • After deleting pages, click on "Apply Changes". Then, download the new files to your device.

2. ILovePDF:

ILovePDF is another online tool that offers all types of PDF document customization. You can use its PDF editor to sign PDFs, convert PDFS, remove PDF pages, and many more advanced options. It is free and provides complete security for your digital files. It is easy to use, and you can easily download your new file to your system.


  • Go to the ILovePDF website.
  • Upload your file by clicking on the "Select PDF File" button.
  • Select a page or multiple pages by holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard.
  • After selection, click on "Remove Pages". It will start removing pages.
  • Click on "Download PDF" to download your new file.