Should You Buy IronPDF?

Updated December 1, 2022

Product purchasing decisions vary from company to company, but here are 5 common considerations when choosing a C# PDF Library.

1. Compatibility

With IronPDF, you can develop your project across various operating systems like windows, macOS, Linux, and Docker, and it also allows you to do it with a lot of ease and flexibility. IronPDF works with Azure, AWS, and the latest .NET Framework to quickly build cross-platform PDF documents without needing to install any third-party software or plugins. Find out more about inroads that our developers have been making on developing IronPDF into a great product.

2. Rendering Quality

We know you need our products to simply work. Rendering needs to be high quality, and high performing. When considering investing in a product like IronPDF, it needs to also have undergone thorough testing. IronPDF can render 20% faster, its quality is optimized with Chrome Rendering and its passed a suite of [1156 unit & integration tests](/how-to /ironpdf-2021-chrome-rendering-engine-eap/).

3. Licensing

IronPDF offers perpetual licensing. We offer this model because our customers tell us it's their preference. Customer feedback is that it's more transparent and less complicated than other payment models. For developers and Product Managers who need budget approval, perpetual licensing gives you a single figure to itemize without needing to calculate metered or subscription fees over a project's life span. In many cases, our customers opt for the Iron Suite, so they have a more complete solution. Find out more about Iron Suite here.

4. Trust

Iron Software is a trusted company, with more than 50,000 developers in our community.

We are proud to be selected in 2022, to present the .NET Conf, to launch .NET 7, along with industry leaders Microsoft, Github and .NET Foundation.

Should You Buy IronPDF, Figure 1: IronPDF has been downloaded over 13 million times!

IronPDF has been downloaded over 13 million times by many different organizations

Find out more about Iron Software here.

5. Technical Support

Iron Software prioritizes technical support. With customers in 95+ countries, we have team members worldwide to offer around the clock coverage.

We understand developers purchase our products to gain efficiencies, and progress their projects, so our team bring technical support knowledge and comprehensive, uptodate documentation.

We give developers multiple touchpoint options including email, chat and Slack.

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